Legal Information

Steinsdoerfer Dance Production UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Carlo-Schmid-Str. 27
90765 Fuerth

Chief Executive: Daniel Steinsdoerfer
Location of Registered Company: Fuerth
HRB/Registration Number: 13926
USt-IdNr.: DE288093120

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General Terms and Conditions

0. Exclusion of Liability

1. Inbaroo is not responsible or reliable for any damage, accidents or injuries occurring to any user of the content of this homepage. Any movements or dance steps from our Videos should be done with common sense. If there are any doubts about the movement or if you have any health conditions that prevent you from a certain movement, skip over the video and get the input from a professional dance teacher.

I. Area of Validity

1. The following General Terms and Conditions “AGB” govern the conditions for the use of the offered services at (“inbaroo”). The online service of inbaroo is provided solely based on the current version of these terms and conditions.

II. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions - named „AGB“

1. To use our services you have to agree with the AGB. You are not allowed to use our services if you do not agree with the AGB.

2. You can accept the AGB with the use of our services. You take notice and you accept, that inbaroo consider your use of the services as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

III. Change of the terms and conditions

1. inbaroo may change the AGB from time to time. You take notice and you accept that inbaroo consider your use of the services as an acceptance of changed AGB, if you continue to use the services after the date of the change of the terms and services.

2. You should check the AGB regularly regarding changes.

IV. Generell restrictions of the use

1. inbaroo allows you within the following terms and conditions to access the website the services and to use them. Further you accept, that each deviation done by you regarding the AGB is considered a violation on your part:
- You agree to not use one part or parts of this homepage for any redistribution on any media without getting a written confirmation from inbaroo
- You agree to not modify any part of the website or the service in any way
- You agree to not shut down, bypass or modify any security relevant functions
- You agree to not use the website or the service in any way for commercial use without getting a written confirmation of inbaroo in advance
- You agree to not use any automated system (e.g. bots, spiders or offline readers) which attacks the website in a way that within a certain amount of time more requests are sent to the server than a human with an unmodified standard web browser could create in the same amount of time.

2. You are aware of and agree to inbaroo can at any time (temporary or permanent) shut down the website or the service without informing you in advance.

3. At the point in time where indirect or direct hyperlinks to other online services or websites were set the links led to websites or services free of illegal content. Inbaroo does not have any influence on current or future changes of these website or services and does not take any responsibility for content of these pages that were changed after setting the hyperlinks.

4. All mentioned brands or trademarks are property of the registered owner. For all objects created by inbaroo the copyright stays with the creator. The use or copying of these objects is only allowed after written confirmation from inbaroo.

V. Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

1. These rules are not affecting any legal rights of users that cannot be changed or cancelled by contract.

2. The services are being provided „as seen“ and inbaroo does not take any responsibility or warranty. Especially inbaroo does not ensure, that
The use of the service satisfies your expectations,
Your use of the service will not be interrupted, or will be provided timely, secure and without any errors,
Any information that you receive while using the service is correct and/or reliable and
that errors in the usage or the functionality that you receive while using the software or the service will be corrected

3. The content of this web project have been checked and provided diligent and with the best intentions. But there is no guarantee that the provided information are complete, current and/or correct. We cannot take any responsibility for damages that were done because of trust on the content of this website or the usage.

4. inbaroo developed this online service carefully and tested it. Nevertheless coding errors or virus cannot be ruled out 100%, therefore we cannot take over any reliability and/or responsibility for damages that were caused by the use of our service, as long as there was not intent or gross negligence. Furthermore we take no reliability and/or responsibility that the service works with specific software and hardware.

5. This service is non-binding. Inbaroo can - at all time and without announcement - change, complete or delete parts or the complete service and inbaroo is able to make the service not available temporarily or forever.

6. This exclusion of liability / disclaimer is part of the inbaroo online service. If certain formulations or parts of this text does not comply with the current law, all other formulations or parts of the disclaimer are still valid. Inbaroo reserves the right to change the disclaimer without any announcement.

VI. Place of Jurisdirection

1. For these AGB and any legal relation between inbaroo and its users the law of Germany with exclusion of the UN-Sales Law is applicable. Place of fulfillment is Nuremberg. As place of jurisdirection Nuremberg is chosen if permitted.

VII. General Terms

1. If certain terms within these AGB are not valid this does not affect any other statements in this AGB. Invalid or void terms shall be replaced by terms that are closest to the content and purpose of the original term. The same shall be applied for any regulatory gaps within the AGB.