Häufig gestellte Fragen

Can I use the videos to learn ballroom dancing without any previous knowledge?

Yes, you could. We show the basic steps, we explain the rhythm for each dance and we start with those figures that dancing school normally teach in the very beginning of a course. But especially in the beginning we recommend to you to visit a dancing course at a dancing school. It is really helpful in the beginning, when somebody is watching you and give you immediate feedback, so that mistakes can be prevented in the future.

The figure XY has a different name in my dancing school / my dancing teacher is counting the side step with Side, Side, Side / …?

Normally there should not be a big differences between our naming and the names or the counting that is used at your dancing school. Nevertheless there are often very creative names for the different figures, which makes it impossible for us, to cover all the different names. The same is true for the counting of the rhythm. The rhythm will be the same, but the words used for the step could be different depending on the dancing teacher.

Don’t worry. The name of the figure does not matter. The only important thing is you having fun learning to dance and trying out the figures.

Can I use your videos for my training as a tournament dancer?

Our focus is to explain the steps and the lead to support dancing school students with the learning of figures. If somebody wants to perfect his technique to tournament level, he will not be satisfied with our videos. You definitely need lessons – ideally private lessons – so that somebody is watching you and corrects the mistakes you are doing.

When will there be videos for the other dances?

We will keep releasing videos for the other dances as well. At the moment Daniel is working in the US, so it is hard for us to film new videos. Just visit our homepage from time to time. Especially for the English videos we still have a lot of material that we will publish over time.

You have further questions? Please write an e-mail to "inbaroodance@gmail.com".