Cha Cha Cha Routine 2

6. Fan and Alemana

A little trick for the step backwards for the woman when she leaves the basic step: Try to move your left foot towards your standing foot first and then turn by 90 degrees and take the step backwards. All of this should happen during the beat number 3, but even for faster Cha Chas it should not be a problem with a little bit of practise. This will make her movement look even better.

The change of knees for the woman as described in the video can be practised first in Rumba. Because the beat in Cha Cha is almost always faster, this additional movement – the switch of the knees – is less visible and also a little bit more difficult.

For all parts of the figure, where you do not have the normal basic posture, you should hold the free arms sidewards. You can use the same arm posture as you use during the Hand to Hand or the New Yorker.

7. Shoulder to Shoulder

The steps do not have to be exactly 45 degrees for both. But it is important that both stay parallel to each other. This should be easy to accomplish while you are in the basic posture. The steps on 2 and 3 have to be the same size. Ideally both should just keep the distance of the steps the same as in basic step. By doing that you avoid the man passong the woman or that the woman moves away from the man during the backwards step.

There is a variation in which the partners hold both hands and take them sidewards, while they are dancing the figure Shoulder to Shoulder. This mean a star posture. Left hand extended to the left, right hand to the right. The hands hold the partners hands for the whole time. You achieve this by extending the arms not completely. The man can lead this variation by starting the Shoulder to Shoulder and then taking his right hand sidewards and away from her shoulder. The woman has to react then and grab the right hand of the man with her left hand. He can switch back to the basic posture by releasing her left hand again and grab her shoulder with the right hand.

2. Cha Cha Cha Routine

Our second Routine in Cha Cha Cha consists of:

1x ½ Basic Steps
1x Fan
1x Alemana
2x Shoulder to Shoulder
1x Aida
1x Basic Step with a Spot Turn
1x Three Cha Chas
1x Spot Turn and ½ Basic Step
2x Cross Basic