Cha Cha Cha Routine 1

1. Grundschritt / Basic Step

As explained in the video it is helpful in beginning to imagine an H on the floor without the left upper line and the right lower line. Make sure you move your feet along this „H“ in the beginning. You improve your dancing technique and it will look much more professional.

The basic step can be used perfectly to train the body tension in your posture. You should aim for keeping the same distance between the upper bodys of your partner and you by using body tension. This is also a very good best practise to make your dancing look more professional.

Cha Cha Cha Basic Step

2. New Yorker

If you are already moving your foot along the other during the basic step, it will help you to get a more professional look for the New Yorker as well. Pay attention so that you do not turn to much or overtiwst. Instead try to dance an accurate quarter turn and then make the step to the front. Also be aware that the position on „1“ is facing each other. This is in between the turns to each direction. So try to get the first turn down in time on „4“ and do not start with the next turn in the other direction before „2“.

Get used to keep the tension in your body when you are opening the basic posture. If you slump during the opening, it will look less good. As mentioned in the video:  Especially in the beginning only move the arm straight outside and do not include (yet) any twisting of your hand. When you have a little bit more experience, the recommendation is to try different variations in front of a mirror first.

Cha Cha Cha New Yorker

3. Hand to Hand

You should apply the same rules to Hand to Hand as in the New Yorker. Avoid overtwisting, dance the 90 degree turn and move your foot along the standing foot. It is as important to keep the tension in your body and move your arm straight outside in the beginning.

The figures Hand to Hand and New Yorker are perfectly suited to switch back and forth between them. It is quite difficult and inconvinient to start the figure Hand to Hand from the Basic Step. Therefore you should start with a New Yorker first and then switch to Hand to Hand.

Cha Cha Cha Hand to Hand

4. Underarm Turn to Right

One major thing to improve the looks of the figure is the lead by the man. The left hand of him should only be used as an anchor point. At the same time the hand should ideally be hardly moved, while the woman is dancing her turn under it. She has to dance the turn by herself. If she is dancing it accurately the first step is the same as in the New Yorker on „2“. Then follows a 180 degree turn and a step on the spot on „3“. Last but not least the woman dances the final quarter turn on „4“. As an additional tip: The man should stretch a little bit and he should dance the backwards step relatively small, so that the posture still appears classy.

If you want to you can try the Underarm Turn to the left as well. For this variation the dancing partners keep the hold of the same hands -the left hand of the man holds the right hand of the woman. (Just the same way as for Underarm Turn to Right.) In this case the woman does her turn just like in the Spot Turn to the left. The man has an exception to his basic step for this variation. Instead of dancing a step to the front, he replaces it with a step to the back on „2“.

Cha Cha Cha Spot Turn

5. Spot Turn

Remember the turn that the woman dances during the Underarm Turn to the Right. This is the same movement that both partners dance for the figure Spot Turn. Try to keep your turn movement in parallel to your partner. The best way to achieve this, is to break down the figure into several parts. Dance a 90 degree turn on „2“, then a 180 degree turn on „3“ and the final 90 degree turn on „4“. If both partners do this and follow the beat, it will look very harmoniously.

You should not do any specific arm movements during the turn. You will see this when you watch professional dancers, but keep it simple in the beginning. The thing you should do is to keep your body tension during the turn, though, to avoid slumping.

Cha Cha Cha Underarm Turn to Right

1. Cha Cha Cha Routine

Our first Routine in Cha Cha Cha consists of:

2x Basic Steps
4x New Yorker (2x in each direction)
4x Hand to Hand (2x in each of direction)
1x ½ Basic Step
2x Under Arm turn to the right
1x ½ Basic Step
3x Spot Turn