Welcome to inbaroo.com

On our homepage you will find videos with figures for Standard and Latin dances. You have the opportunity to learn new figures and to increase your knowledge of figures you have already learnt. Instead of reading a long text, just watch the following video to get to know the structure of our videos.

The Concept

The figures are split up in several routines. Especially in the beginning it is very helpful to use those routines to learn the steps. By doing so the man has to lead a lot less and you can focus completely on the steps of the figure. As soon as you are familiar with it, you can and should try to combine them in a different ways. The more the man experiments with the sequences and the more he mixes the different figures the easier it will be for the woman to get used to his leading.

On the left side you will find the dances and you can jump directly to a routine. Over the time we will include a lot more of the dances that might not be available at the moment. If you want to you can visit our German homepage www.inbaroo.de to get an idea what you can expect in the future.

If you like one of our videos you can support us by commenting it in Youtube or “liking” it. Also we would be very glad if you share our videos with your friends and in social media. If you have suggestions, proposal or requests please contact us.

We wish you a lot of fun with dancing and with the learning with our videos.

Your inbaroo-Team